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January 13, 2020

Fleet Wellness measures performance against benchmarks and industry best practices including cost savings, cash flow, operational efficiencies, driver safety, and reliability. The program builds on the holistic fleet management concept that many factors cultivate a great fleet.


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Brookfield, WI: Doering Fleet Management, a nation-wide fleet management company, announced the promotion of Adam Berger to President. Doering’s long-time Vice President of Sales - Adam Berger - has become President effective August 1, 2019.

Fleet Management Companies (FMCs) are your advocate and can provide advice on fleet strategy and solutions. FMCs provide companies with important guidance on topics like how long to keep vehicles, which vehicle options make sense, and how to remarket vehicles to maximize sales prices.

Professional leasing and fleet management companies (FMCs) offer an alternative to the dealership experience. By enlisting the services of an FMC, there is a good chance you never have to leave your office! You certainly do not need to enter a dealership.

Do you dread the vehicle buying experience through a dealership? Purchasing vehicles at a dealership can be confusing, high-pressure, and unreasonably time-consuming. It is inconsistent and so is the staff. Dealerships are not your only option, especially if you are buying vehicles for company use.

Car dealerships are designed to do transactions with individuals. Dealerships likely won’t offer a business the proper fleet rebates (which are typically higher than consumer rebates) and don’t have true business lease products available.

Telematics is helping to shape driver behavior with real-time feedback. Nearly everything is more fun if it is organized as a game or competition. Driving is no exception. Gamification of driving safety adds a new dimension and competition (personal and peer) that benefits the company.

The 5 Tenets of Fleet Wellness®

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A fleet management program will dramatically improve your operating efficiencies, vehicle costs,  and driver safety.