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Doering Fleet Management Announces Team Expansion and New Services in 2021

While the past twelve months have presented challenges, Doering took this opportunity to listen to our customers and understand their changing needs.

[Infographic] Lease vs. Buy Comparison

When the time comes to get a new vehicle or a new fleet of vehicles, it is important to weigh out your options between leasing and buying. Leasing is a great, money saving option. It lowers monthly payments as well as income tax benefits.

7.5 Myths of Business Vehicle Leasing

Identifying the top myths of business vehicle leasing was easy. Reducing it to 7.5 was more difficult.Addressing the myths is harder yet. There are numerous misconceptions about fleet leasing.Education and information are the cure.Please read on to dispel the wives’ tales of leasing for business and get the honest truth!

[Infographic] What is Fleet Management?

Being a fleet manager requires you to wear numerous hats to maintain a healthy fleet. We created this helpful infographic to explain the eight areas of fleet management and what each of them entails.


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The sharing economy is slowly changing cultural thinking. More and more people prefer to use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft instead of owning a vehicle. Fast forward several years. Booking use of a vehicle will become the norm, driving up vehicle utilization and driving down the number of vehicles on the road and taking up parking spaces. No longer are we expanding roads and fewer parking structures will be built.

Electric vehicles sales in the US surpassed one million vehicles in 2018. The consumer traction is significant but fleet and government/municipal sales are growing rapidly. Madison, Wisconsin and New York City are sporting EV taxis. Nashville and Chicago have EV-only black car services. There are good reasons why municipalities and local governments are making the move to electric vehicles.

Crown’s drivers reduced idling from 70 minutes per day to 7 minutes per day over a few weeks time. Translating these minutes into dollars results in $1,500 – $2,000 dollars in cost savings per month. This is a direct result of the data collected from Geotab’s telematics system and the initiative of Crown’s fleet manager.

Doering Fleet Management recently celebrated 30 years in business. A lot has changed over those years but one thing has not. The appreciation we have for our clients has not changed! All of us at Doering genuinely care about our clients and love what we do and for whom we do it!

You CAN lease new or used vehicles. Leases pay for depreciation or the difference between the original purchase price and the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Latest Post

While the past twelve months have presented challenges, Doering took this opportunity to listen to our customers and understand their changing needs.

The 5 Tenets of Fleet Wellness®

Is your fleet the healthiest it could be?

Take action and learn the best practices for Fleet Wellness®.

A fleet management program will dramatically improve your operating efficiencies, vehicle costs,  and driver safety.