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Electric vehicle (EV) fleet management requires a different approach compared to managing a fleet of traditional combustion engine vehicles. Here are some best practices for EV fleet management:

Managing Vehicle Lifecycles in High-Mileage Scenarios

When it comes to football, vehicle shortages and supply chain interruptions, “The best defense is a strong offense,” says a fleet manager for the Tennant Company. ‍The past year or two has been particularly challenging for fleet managers, so many are finding it necessary to employ a variety of tactics in order to stem losses, delays, or added costs.

Which EV is the Cheapest to Charge?

In November 2021, a panel of EV experts shared their insights at the 2021 Fleet Forward Conference on how others have made the transition towards electrification. Each fleet is unique and requires a customized approach. Here are the key takeaways.

[InfoGraphic] Preparing Your Organization for Fleet Electrification

Are you considering converting some of your fleet to electric-powered vehicles? Learned what other fleets have done to make a smooth transition towards electrification.


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During the supply chain crisis, the cost of used vehicles increased significantly, and premiums were paid to acquire vehicles. Vehicles in many cases became appreciating assets. However...

The use of telematics has the ability to greatly impact insurance costs, in comes cases—as much as 25%. When a fleet can prove that their drivers have a lower risk...

Despite the enthusiasm for electric vehicles (EV’s), there are many hurdles to creating, sustaining and adopting EV’s across North America.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) replaces the previous $7,500 electric vehicle (EV) tax credit with a system designed to incentivize production and reduce reliance on foreign supply chains. The law has been criticized for its high level of complexity and harder-to-meet eligibility criteria though.

A quick spotlight of the Ford Mustang Mach-E

A quick profile of Hyundai IONIQ

The 5 Tenets of Fleet Wellness®

Is your fleet the healthiest it could be?

Take action and learn the best practices for Fleet Wellness®.

A fleet management program will dramatically improve your operating efficiencies, vehicle costs,  and driver safety.