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Doering Fleet Management Announces Team Expansion and New Services in 2021

While the past twelve months have presented challenges, Doering took this opportunity to listen to our customers and understand their changing needs.

[Infographic] Lease vs. Buy Comparison

When the time comes to get a new vehicle or a new fleet of vehicles, it is important to weigh out your options between leasing and buying. Leasing is a great, money saving option. It lowers monthly payments as well as income tax benefits.

7.5 Myths of Business Vehicle Leasing

Identifying the top myths of business vehicle leasing was easy. Reducing it to 7.5 was more difficult.Addressing the myths is harder yet. There are numerous misconceptions about fleet leasing.Education and information are the cure.Please read on to dispel the wives’ tales of leasing for business and get the honest truth!

[Infographic] What is Fleet Management?

Being a fleet manager requires you to wear numerous hats to maintain a healthy fleet. We created this helpful infographic to explain the eight areas of fleet management and what each of them entails.


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Latest Post

While the past twelve months have presented challenges, Doering took this opportunity to listen to our customers and understand their changing needs.

Managing a fleet of vehicles encompasses a wide variety of daily tasks. This article discusses the top 20 industries that see massive benefit from utilizing a fleet management company relationship.

Many states’ sales tax laws (including Wisconsin) exempt companies from paying sales tax on vehicles, leases, and maintenance if they use their own fleet of trucks to deliver goods to their customers. Exemptions are statutory, not loopholes, and are closely regulated but can save companies significant costs.

Part 1 covered vehicle qualification for sales tax exemption using a transportation company.Next, we will discuss how to establish a transportation company and what’s required on an ongoing basis to operate a transportation company.

With the changing economy, business leasing has become a hot topic. Companies are looking for ways to preserve cash and reduce costs. This blog discusses how companies realize real savings when leasing vehicles through a Fleet Management Company (FMC). This blog also discusses the impact the 2020 economic downturn has on the value of vehicles both new and used.

We are all finding ways to adjust and move forward. Now more than ever, our customers are relying on us for stability and support and our team is working hard to find new ways to serve them.

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“The number of medium- and heavy-duty electric fleet vehicles sold is expected to grow by more than 100% from 2020 to 2021,” underscoring that the shift to fleet electrification is happening now on a broad scale and expected to accelerate in the years to come.

The 5 Tenets of Fleet Wellness®

Is your fleet the healthiest it could be?

Take action and learn the best practices for Fleet Wellness®.

A fleet management program will dramatically improve your operating efficiencies, vehicle costs,  and driver safety.