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How to reduce your chances of cargo theft

June 27, 2023

Storing cargo or tools on work trucks carries with it a certain level of risk. It is often easy to identify vehicles with these types of tools making them prime targets for theft.

“Cargo theft has dramatically spiked since the beginning of COVID-19, resulting in billions of dollars in theft” said Jessica Smith, VP of Customer and Data Insight for Phillips Connect.

There are many solutions available to minimize cargo theft, but these solutions need to be practical. The solution should complement the driver and the vehicle, not hinder their productivity on the job. Do a ride along with field employees to make sure your solutions are practical in the field.

With so many cargo management solutions on the market, how do you select the right solution? Work with vendors who are experienced and have “seen it all”; they know what to place, where to place, and how best to secure.

Below are some practical guidelines to reduce your chances of cargo theft:

 Deter thieves – Don’t be an easy target:

  • Keep things locked up - Lockable, load space covers help prevent theft since they are lockable, and you can’t see what is inside.
  • Order vans with no side or rear windows.
  • Use bulkheads behind the driver and passenger seats. This is also a good safety measure.
  • Use slick locks.
  • Park vehicle in well-lit areas that are monitored.
  • Install catalytic converter theft deterrent guards – while it is still possible to steal the catalytic converter, it will slow the thieves down.

Train and communicate with employees on the importance of safety procedures.

  • Locks won’t deter thieves if they aren’t used.
  • Provide training including recognizing suspicious activity, reporting procedures, and emergency response.

GPS Tracking Systems can provide detailed information about vehicle movements and location which can aid in recovery efforts in the event of theft.

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