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Electric vehicles have a direct financial benefit when they are used heavily by municipalities. From reduced maintenance costs, far cheaper fueling costs, and an overall lower total cost of ownership, any city can recognize the economic advantages of an EV over an internal combustion engine.

Electric vehicles sales in the US surpassed one million vehicles in 2018. The consumer traction is significant but fleet and government/municipal sales are growing rapidly. Madison, Wisconsin and New York City are sporting EV taxis. Nashville and Chicago have EV-only black car services. There are good reasons why municipalities and local governments are making the move to electric vehicles.

Doering Fleet Management recently celebrated 30 years in business. A lot has changed over those years but one thing has not. The appreciation we have for our clients has not changed! All of us at Doering genuinely care about our clients and love what we do and for whom we do it!

Doering Fleet Management recently launched two new websites: a corporate website ( and a Tesla focused website ( The new websites were designed to represent their depth of experience, breadth of knowledge, and commitment to client success and satisfaction.

Doering Fleet Management, a nation-wide fleet management company, is expanding its geographic reach by establishing additional regional sales offices. The most recent expansion in August 2019 included a Nashville, TN office and an Oklahoma City, OK office. A Central Plains office in Omaha, NE was opened in early 2018.

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