We take all the guesswork out of fleet management.

Fleet Services

Doering fleet services are offered one layer at a time like layers of a cake. The best fleet management savings result from layering in services and support.

Managing vehicle cost is critical, but so are vehicle selection, holding period, lease structure, upfitting, branding, maintenance, fuel, risk management, and remarketing.

Our primary services

Maintenance Management

Implement a program to authorize, track, and report on maintenance expenses with A.S.E. certified mechanics working 24/7/365 nationwide.

Fuel Management

Nationwide fueling, oil change reminders, security, reporting, and consolidated billing are covered.

Fleet Strategy

Discover your key needs and establish best practices as part of a detailed fleet strategy. Every fleet deserves a defined strategy to drive the future.

Fleet Buying Power

Fleet buying power comes in many forms including fleet rebates, factory ordering, and dealer trading. Doering works to drive down the cost of vehicles using large fleet rebates and best practices.

Fleet Leasing

Fleets nationwide rely on fleet leasing - flexible and scalable. Leasing is the core of a fleet management program. It conserves capital, maximizes income and sales tax benefits, and provides a mechanism to ensure vehicles are replaced before it is too late. A leased fleet is a healthy fleet, has strong resale value, and nominal maintenance costs.

services include


Leases are structured to suit any situation or vehicle type. Open-end and closed-end leases are available to suit any term, mileage (2,000 - 200,000 miles per year), or application. The experts at Doering will guide you to the best lease structure for your fleet and business needs.

Vehicle Types

Doering writes leases on all brands of vehicles, offering best practices and recommendations. Doering works with all OEMs and has access to large fleet rebates. Our fleet managers help fleets select the perfect slate of vehicles for your specific need based on use and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Doering is one of the largest firms in the USA handling fleets of up to 1500 vehicles. We define ourselves by size and geography, but far more importantly by retention, satisfactions and referrals!

Fleet Consulting

Doering has served as a consultant and advisor to fleets nationwide for over 30 years. Hundreds of companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies have relied on Doering's fleet expertise.

Our fleet consulting practice is grounded on this deep knowledge of the fleet industry, the judgement built over 30 years working with hundreds of fleets, and a genuine desire to help organizations improve what they have, better manage it, and drive costs down through fleet best practices. It is what we call our own brand of holistic fleet management. We call it Fleet Wellness®.

Doering Fleet Consulting is offered in limited engagements with optimal annual check ups and analysis.

Contact us for details, engagement scope and pricing. You've found the best - now all you need is the engagement.

Doering offers:
- Municipal and private fleet consulting engagements
- Outsourced fleet management and administration services.