Government Leasing

Nationwide Government Fleet Vehicle Leasing, Financing and Fleet Management

Introducing the Evolution in Government Vehicle Leasing

Partnering with Federal, State and Local Government Agencies Nationwide

Our team works with you to determine which vehicles and equipment meet your fleet needs while lowering your fleet costs and financing the vehicles.

We help our federal customers through the use of commercial leases or GSA Schedules through the development of an acquisition program that meets their needs.

We can purchase the vehicles from local dealers and off of applicable state contracts. We can also lease used vehicles. Leasing allows you to replace more vehicles than buying!

Less downtime, lower repairs, better vehicles.

- One dollar buyout lease/finance options.
- Closed and open-end lease alternatives.
- Competitive rates.
- Customized via upfitting/equipment
- Turn-key vehicles available

- Federal Vehicles
- Undercover Vehicles
- Administrative Vehicles
- Public Works
- Short Term Vehicle Needs
- Other Agency Needs

We specialize in EV’s and alternative fuel vehicles.

We specialize in leasing to government agencies - both new and used vehicles! Yes - you can lease used vehicles!

Doering Fleet Management is excited to assist government agencies with the implementation of electric vehicles in their fleets.

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Government Leasing Options

We understand that every federal, state, county and local agency has its’ own mission and budget issues.  We strive to provide each customer with individualized lease, finance and fleet management tools and solutions that will meet your budget requirements.  

Our dedicated team has been working with government agencies nationwide and provide the same dedication to a customer that needs one vehicle as they do to a customer that needs three-thousand vehicles.  

services include

Closed-end lease

Determine the length of the lease and the annual miles required. This is used for undercover vehicles, administration vehicles, public works and agency vehicles. At the end of the lease, you hand the keys back to us and get new vehicles. We are responsible for the disposal of the vehicle.

Open-end lease

Open-end leases allows you flexibility. At the end of the lease, you have the option of buying the vehicle or returning the vehicle. Prior to the lease start date, we determine a comfortable back-end selling price.

Municipal Leases
Typically they run from 20 percent of purchase price down to One Dollar ($1.00). This type of lease allows you to get more new vehicles now than if you went out and simply purchased the vehicles.

Let’s talk about the Buy One or Lease Three principle in order to meet budget needs.

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