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Realize Savings in Both Time and Money
Doering Fleet management

Doering is a national fleet management company serving fleets from 5 to 500, providing turnkey solutions including management, best practices, administration, leasing, maintenance, fuel management, disposition, and remarketing.

Doering considers your business vehicle needs and applications when creating custom fleet leases.

Our strategy, fleet maintenance, and fuel management services are a la carte. Select the services your firm needs and values.

Doering’s fleet industry knowledge and business insights guide custom fleet consulting engagements for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.

The Doering Way

Fleet management is like life - it gets messy! Plan for the best and things still go awry.

Doering is by your side every step of the way, leading with professionalism and empathy.

We make the complex look easy and pride ourselves in creating an experience you will rave about.

Fleet Leasing

Flexible to Meet Your Unique Needs

Leasing is not a singular one-size-fits-all product. Leasing isn’t bad, but leases can be written badly. 

Doering writes proper leases based on our knowledge of your needs and vehicle usage.

Fleet Services

A La Carte Services: More Powerful Together

Doering fleet services are offered a-la-carte. The best fleet management savings result from layering in services and support.

Fleet Consulting

Lending a Hand to Help Achieve Your Goals

Losing your way or missing your goals? Need accountability, insights, or best practices?

Doering consultants have subject matter expertise and can provide direction, justification, and solutions.

Getting it Right the First Time

Imagine a world where you feel like you have a team looking out for your time and your bottom line.

Doering clients have amazing experiences because promises made are promises kept. Clients come for a better experience and clients stay because expectations are exceeded.
Decades-long partnerships begin with Doering. Why start anywhere else!

The Doering Difference

How we create an experience you will rave about.

Difference #1.

Your Needs Come First

Leasing is not a singular on-size-fits-all product. Leasing isn't bad, but leases can be written badly. Doering writes proper leases based on our knowledge of your needs and vehicle usage.

Difference #2.

Independent and Objective

There isn't necessarily right or wrong... but there is better and worse.

Doering is an independent fleet management company, not tied to any manufacturer. Doering helps you make decisions based on total cost of ownership, safety, and reliability, not just monthly payments or acquisition costs. We recommend vehicles that fit your needs best.

Difference #3.

We are an extension of your team

Doering is by your side every step of the way helping address your problems, build a better future, and keep vehicles on the road safely and reliably nationwide. Our years of fleet management expertise are at your fingertips.

Difference #4.

We are in it for the long term - right by your side!

We pride ourselves in the trusting relationships we've developed with our clients. We are a strategic partner that will always have your back, provide candid and honest advice, and challenge you and your team to continuously improve.

Promises are made. Promises are kept.

The Doering Difference

We do what we say we will do

Do Better than "Good Enough"

The fleet management industry comprises car dealers, independent brokers, fleet management companies and hundreds of vendors/suppliers for vehicle upfitting and services.

Doering's 30 years of experience translate to insights and execution in an otherwise complex marketplace. We are still innovating and growing every day, never resting on our laurels.

We practice our own form of Fleet Management, our proprietary Fleet Wellness® program.