Electric Vehicles

Be the future of mobility and efficiency with an EV fleet.

Enabling Mobility of the Future

The transportation industry is stuck in the past. TesLease sees the future

TesLease® serves clients nationwide using EV’s in businesses and industries, transforming yesterday’s ho-hum to tomorrow’s holy-hell.

Business EV Leasing -
EV’s are the future.  Spend time on your your company’s tomorrow. TesLease® creates customized business leases based on your needs.

EV Fleets -
EV’s transform mobility and productivity.  See how EV fleets are impacting the world in exciting and innovative ways below.  Be part of the future of mobility, productivity, and reliability.

Doering Fleet Management is excited to bring the potential of Electric Vehicle leasing to the Small to Mid-Size Market Segment.

Electric Vehicle Fleet Options

Executive / Incentive

Companies use EV’s for executive vehicles, incentive vehicles for top performing team members, and to attract and retain top talent in competitive markets.

Municipal / Government

EV’s transform municipal and government fleets, reducing maintenance, downtime, and overall operating costs.

Longevity and total cost of ownership are improved dramatically versus internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Livery / Limo / RideShare

Downtime is reduced, revenue potential increases, and operating costs are 30-50% less.  

Fleets of EV’s are more cost effective to operate, have longer lifecycles, and significantly improved reliability.

Marquee / Marketing

What better way to turn heads, build a brand, and make a bold statement than an EV with an evoking wrap design?

It conveys that you are progressive and innovative.  It conveys you are part of the future...not the past.

General Fleet

Cargo vans, pickup trucks, semi’s, and all other vocational vehicles will be transformed by EV’s in the future.

TesLease® will be here with commercial EV fleet solutions, fleet leasing, and fleet management. Stay tuned!

Custom Options

Our experienced EV team will work with you to understand your goals and customize a fleet plan to fit your unique EV needs.

Introducing TesLease's Carshare Program

EV’s are used in residential, commercial, non-profit, condo, and apartment complexes with a closed group of users.

Use the TesLease™ Carshare Technology Platform to schedule use, lock, unlock report damage, and start the vehicles without keys.*

Options Available

Residential Carshare

A Teslease™ Carshare Program reduces construction costs by reducing the number of  parking spaces in lieu of a carshare program.

Commercial Carshare

EV’s are deployed at office complexes for employees to use during the day in lieu of personal (ICE) vehicles and provides a valuable amenity to employees.

Interested in EV Fleet Options?

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