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Learn what is unique about Doering. Learn why clients are raving fans.
Our clients continue to come back to us because our approach deviates from the norm. We save our clients time, money and headaches by providing thorough and accommodating service. 

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure a happy user experience. We take all the guesswork out of fleet management and put the power back into our clients hands. 

We've built a robust suite of fleet services for every aspect of fleet management, backed by a tenured team who genuinely care about clients and love what they do!

Our clients find us and never leave us because we do what we say, care for each relationship, and never rest on our laurels or take our clients for granted. Clients have stayed with us for decades and we continue to grow, expand and accommodate based on customer feedback. 

That is the unexpected.
Your Needs Come First
We build programs that fit your needs.

Your Needs Come First

Leasing is not a singular one-size-fits-all product. Leasing isn't bad, but leases can be written badly.

Doering writes proper leases based on our knowledge of your needs and vehicle usage.

Independent and Objective

There isn't necessarily right or wrong... but there is better or worse. Doering is an independent fleet management company, not tied to any manufacturer. Doering helps you make decisions based on total cost of ownership, safety, and reliability, not just monthly payments or acquisition costs. We recommend vehicles that fit your needs.

Independent and Objective
Not right or wrong... but better or worse.
An Extension of Your Team
By your side every step of the way.

We are an Extension of Your Team

Doering is by your side every step of the way helping address your problems, build a better future, and keep vehicles on the road safely and reliably, nationwide. Our years of fleet management expertise are at your fingertips.

Long Term Relationships

We pride ourselves in the trusting relationships we've developed with our clients. We are a strategic partner that will always have your back, provide candid and honest advice, and challenge you and your team to continuously improve. Promises are made. Promises are kept.

Long Term Partnership
More than just your regular fleet management company.

The Doering Difference

In this industry, lackluster service is all too common. The Doering difference means we keep our promises and go above and beyond to make sure our customer's expectations are surpassed. Once you are a Doering customer, you are a customer for life!

Doering By The Numbers


Years in Business


Average Fleet Size

1 – 1500

Range of Fleet Size Served


Classes of Vehicles Leased

Why wouldn't client's love us

We Do What We Promise

That may seem trite but in an industry full of broken promises, over-promises, and transactional relationships, it really matters.

No Guesswork

The Doering fleet experts will help you select the fleet services, vehicles, and upfitting you need and set them up perfectly...nationwide.

Same Services...But Better

Doering provides the same core services as other firms, but combines our own DNA - our culture of exceptionally high service, proactive advice, responsiveness, and follow-through.

Partner For Decades

Doering clients come from self-managed fleets, from competitors, from dealers. Clients stay long-term due to Doering's commitment to client satisfaction. We never let the honeymoon end.

Hands On Consulting

We don't hire salespeople. No one wants to be sold, but everyone wants to buy and wants problems solved. Doering team members are consultants at heart. Our team listens to your needs, asks questions, looks at data, then propose solutions you can rely on.

We Think Big

Doering knows it is the responsibility of the fleet management company to keep your fleet in-phase with the future: new products, new safety technologies, innovative new vehicle models, options, and equipment. We think big. We think long-term. We think like you, for you.

A Message from our CEO

Doering Fleet Management recently surpassed 30 years in business. I’m grateful and appreciative for our amazing clients who have chosen us to be their strategic partner. With their trust and loyalty, Doering has grown our national form of fleet management we call Fleet Wellness®.

We wake up every morning trying to help our clients save time, stress, and money. We do this through efficient acquisition, financing, management, and disposition of their vehicles nationwide.

Doering’s excellent service begins with great people, which is the heart of our business. We hire the best and brightest who work within a culture focused on the client.  Our role is to make the complex look simple. The result is empathetic team members who recognize customer service is the foundation of our business.

We will continue to learn and improve in order to consistently provide the best overall value to Doering clients for decades to come.

JW (Chip) Doering
Client testimonial

Doering turned our fleet around, saved us money, saved us time, and took it off our leadership team's plate. We couldn't be more grateful.

CFO - Fleet of 120, Cleveland, OH

Client testimonial

We have been very pleased with the high level of service provided by Doering Leasing Co. and our Doering representative has been very proactive in identifying cost-saving strategies. We are extremely pleased with our decision to move to a fleet management program with Doering.
CFO - 120 vehicle fleet

Client testimonial

We are extremely pleased with our decision to move to a fleet management program with Doering Leasing Co.
CFO - 150 vehicle fleet nationwide

Client testimonial

As always, your service was exceptional. The whole process was much easier than I imagined, thanks to your organization and methods. I appreciate your respect for my time and attention to detail.
Fleet manager - 25 vehicle fleet


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