Fleet Wellness

Maintaining Work Trucks with Resale in Mind

January 19, 2023

The resale value of trucks is a significant component of total cost of ownership and the impact
of maintenance on the resale value is often overlooked. Fleet managers need to pay attention
to several factors, including having a maintenance plan in place, proper choice of tires, upkeep
for both routine and preventive maintenance items. Assessing the ROI for any repairs not
related to safety (such as cosmetic repairs) needs to be weighed against the incurred downtime
and other impacts. Ultimately, anything impacting vehicle safety needs to always be prioritized,
and for resale purposes—branding and decals need to be removed, the look and feel of the
vehicle maintained in top condition, cleaned, batteries charged, and tires in decent shape.

There are a few different approaches to maintaining a vehicle fleet. Some companies want
predictable monthly cash flow, others want to minimize costs, and some want complete control
over the maintenance process. When working with a Fleet Management Company (FMC),
companies can select a full fleet maintenance program or a managed fleet maintenance

Under a Full Fleet Maintenance Program
, companies pay a fixed monthly fee, covering
maintenance and repairs. The program includes scheduled services, emergency repairs,
mechanical failures, as well as maintenance reports. The fixed fee, however, does not cover
accident-related repairs, neglect, or intentional damage.

Pros: Predictable monthly payment per vehicle makes budgeting easy.
Cons: Maintenance program cost can be higher by 30 to 40% of actual repair
costs within a given month.

Under a Managed Fleet Maintenance Program, companies pay for the actual cost of the
repairs plus 10% for the management of the program. Companies experience 30-40% cost
savings under a managed maintenance program versus a non-managed program.

Pros: Actual cost savings of 30-40% realized.
Cons: Monthly cash flow is variable.

To learn more about managed fleet maintenance programs, follow this link.