Which EV is the Cheapest to Charge?

May 11, 2022

When managing a fleet that includes electrical vehicles (EV), cost is a very important consideration. Research completed by Zutobi shows that the Tesla took the top three positions for being the most efficient vehicle to charge ranked by the cost to drive 100 miles. These vehicles include the Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range Plus) in first place, followed by the Tesla Model 3 (Standard Range Plus LFP) and the Tesla Model 3 (Long Range Dual Motor).

All three of these Tesla models allow for over 3,000 miles to be driven on $100 worth of electricity.

How does this compare to a gas-powered vehicle? Using the national average cost of gas of $4.20 per gallon and assuming the vehicle gets 25 miles per gallon, the cost for fuel to drive 100 miles is $16.80 which is more than 5 times the Tesla cost.

However, when evaluating your costs, keep in mind energy cost is only one component. Other cost factors include the cost of the vehicle, the residual value of the vehicle, maintenance and insurance. To learn more about total cost management, read this blog.


Article Source: https://www.fleetforward.com

Link to complete source story: https://www.fleetforward.com/10163022/which-ev-is-the-cheapest-to-charge-and-drive 

Photo Credit: Schneider Electric.

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