Fleet Management

[Vlog] We Can Buy Cheaper at the Dealership

July 25, 2018

Dealerships are not the only option for acquiring vehicles especially if you are acquiring vehicles for fleet use. Professional leasing and fleet management companies (FMCs) offer an alternative to the dealership experiences. If you are already using an FMC you are saving time and money by avoiding the dealership. If you are not using an FMC, you are missing out on the savings.

There are three ways to acquire a vehicle in terms of price:

  • Retail
  • Fleet
  • Large fleet rebates.

The vehicles can be purchased out-of-stock or factory ordered. Lower prices are achieved by factory ordering vehicles.

A fleet of 15 vehicles qualifies for fleet rebate status with most OEM’s and much larger fleets qualify for large fleet rebates. Fleet rebates are based on the end user, not the fleet management company in most cases. Don’t be fooled by FMCs saying they are the largest, best, or cheapest. It is the responsibility of the fleet management company to know which rebates you qualify for. A good FMC maximizes rebates and minimizes vehicle cost. The FMC does not need to be the biggest to get you the rebates for which you qualify.

In the following video, Adam Berger, VP-Sales, debunks the myth that you can buy cheaper at a dealership.