Video: Pain Points Business Face Leasing from Dealerships

December 10, 2018

Car dealerships are designed to do transactions with individuals. Dealerships likely won’t offer a business the proper fleet rebates (which are typically higher than consumer rebates) and don’t have true business lease products available. The leases available to dealers are consumer leases written for businesses, but not built to meet the needs of businesses. The terms are generic and often too restrictive for many business lessees. Businesses use vehicles differently – higher mileage, more damage, upfitting, decals.

Fleet management companies (FMCs) specialize in business leasing and have more lease options. They have the ability to customize each lease to ensure that every client is satisfied and protected from excessive charges at lease-end. A good FMC maximizes rebates and minimizes vehicle costs.

Watch Adam Berger of Doering Fleet Management discuss this topic.