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Video: inside the Lordstown Endurance Alpha Truck

The new Endurance Alpha Truck is a new all-electric, full-size pickup truck designed specifically for fleets and commercial users, that is still a prototype but gaining a lot of media attention. This new vehicle is still on track to begin deliveries in mid-September, with full production in 2022. Lordstown is foregoing retail sales, in part due to at least 100,000 preorders and interest from government and military buyers. It has an anticipated range of 250 miles, a tow rating of 7,500 lbs., and is the equivalent of 600 hp. It is priced at $52,500, with a parts supply agreement through General Motors and has roughly similar dimension as the Chevy Silverado.

• Independent motors will improve driving characteristics with more torque and a tighter turning radius

• The Endurance has a thin, wraparound front and rear lights that continue into black accent trim

• The Alpha truck has gone through thousands of miles of testing, and has moved to Beta prototypes for further validations

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Photo by: Chris Brown.

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