Video: Fleet Manager vs. the Dealership – The Advantages

January 2, 2019

Fleet Management Companies (FMCs) are your advocate and can provide advice on fleet strategy and solutions. FMCs provide companies with important guidance on topics like how long to keep vehicles, which vehicle options make sense, and how to remarket vehicles to maximize sales prices.

FMC’s offer all brands so if your business fleet requires multiple brands, you work with one person at one company across all brands. The same holds true for upfitting. If your vehicles require aftermarket equipment, the FMC handles it. If your fleet operates across multiple sates, the FMC handles it all centrally.

The best FMCs value long-term relationships with customers and employees and are independent of dealerships and brands.

Listen to Adam Berger of Doering Fleet Management discuss the advantages of working with an FMC vs. a dealership for company vehicle needs.