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Used Vehicle Prices Set New Records Amid Tight Supply

July 22, 2021

Vehicle inventory continues to be tight and in July 2021, a new record was set for the average listing price of used vehicles. Having broken $25,000 in June for the first time, the current average list price of $25,500 is 28% higher than the same point in 2020, and 32% higher than in 2019.

A lack of both new and used vehicle inventory is driving prices up, with used vehicle availability down 14% from 2019 and 12% from 2020. Many who would prefer a new vehicle are being forced into the used vehicle market due to a lack of inventory, so there are more buyers chasing after even fewer vehicles.

  • Used vehicles under $10,000 have the lowest available inventory, with only a 30-day supply
  • Used vehicles over $35,000 have the highest available supply at 49 days
  • Franchised dealer inventory has stayed relatively stable with 1.45 million vehicles, a 40-day supply and average mileage on used vehicles of 62,359
  • Independent dealer inventory has slightly increased to 989,000, with a 45-day supply and average mileage on used vehicles of 78,267

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