Fleet Management

Top 5 Fleet Service Providers in the USA

June 12, 2018

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a job requiring professional attention. Many organizations turn to professional Fleet Management Companies (FMCs) to help them manage their fleet. With any business partnership, fit is critically important.  Considerations include fleet size, service offerings, communication, team dedicated to your account, service levels, and lease structure. Fleet management companies serve different segments of fleets typically measured by size of fleet. If you have a fleet of 10, you don’t want to partner with a firm that targets fleets greater than 1,000. What type of services are you looking for now and in the future?

Fleet management companies have different approaches and philosophies around service. Ask probing questions to understand what approach works best for your style and culture. Who will be your main point of contact and what is their availability? Can you get ad hoc consulting and do you get the feeling that they have your best interests in mind? Are they a partner or a vendor? Will you be working with an experienced fleet expert or are there layers of support? Is the team tenured or comprised of recent college grads? Lease structure is also an important factor. Does the provider offer flexible lease structures to meet the changing needs of your business?

Below is a list of five standouts in the Fleet Management space:

1. Element

2. Lease Plan

3. ARI

4. Wheels

5. Doering Fleet Management

[Mega Fleets 2,500 + Units]

ELEMENT FLEET MANAGEMENT is a global leader in the fleet management industry with 12 offices throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.  Element is a publicly traded company headquartered in Toronto. With over 2,700 employees, 1 million + vehicles and an erage transaction size between $500,000 and $40M.  Element targets corporate, municipal/industrial fleets, and medium and heavy-duty trucks.

LeasePlan is a global fleet management firm headquartered in the Netherlands and is owned by a consortium led by the Dutch Pension Fund and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. LeasePlan has over 6,900 employees, locations in 32 countries, manages more than 1.6 million vehicles and is the largest fleet management company in the world.   LeasePlan’s expertise lies in tractors, trailers, rail cars and locomotives, plant support equipment, and corporate aircraft.

[Large Fleets 1,000 + Units]

ARI was founded in 1924 and is the world’s largest privately held family-owned fleet management firm.  ARI has more than 2,800 employees globally, offices throughout North American, the UK, and Europe.  Managing more than one million vehicles between North America, the UK, and Europe, ARI focuses on cleaner and safer fleets.

Wheels is a privately held leasing company headquartered in Des Plaines, IL.  Founded in 1939, Wheels has over 300,000 vehicles under management in North American and 1.7 million globally throughout 54 countries.  Wheels serves many Fortune 500 companies.

[Small & Mid-Sized Fleets 15-999 Units]

Doering Fleet Management is a national fleet management company that differentiates itself through customized and flexible fleet management solutions, coupled with career professionals delivering great service.  Founded in 1989, Doering has grown organically and is evolving dramatically as the industry changes incorporating analysis and advice on alternative fuels, EV’s and eventually AV’s.  With over 600 clients, Doering focuses on fleets ranging from 15-800 vehicles. Doering is an industry disruptor within the trades, healthcare, non-profit, and EV spaces.