The Realities Intruding on Mass Electrification

September 30, 2022

Despite the enthusiasm for electric vehicles (EV’s), there are many hurdles to creating, sustaining and adopting EV’s across North America. The National Auto Auction Association hosted a panel to discuss these hurdles, and noted that charging infrastructure remains a problem. Noted was the fact that the vast majority of EV usage is along coastal states such as California, Oregon and Washington. EV’s are considered a greener option, but concerns over electrification and power grid concerns, as well as the environmental damage incurred by their production is concerning. Furthermore, dealers also need to address residual pricing, particularly since battery life is uncertain at this point.

  • EV sales are increasing by double-digits, but only comprise 1% of all vehicles on the
  • Second Quarter 2022, EV’s were 5.6% of total sales and anticipated to reach 20% of
    sales by 2030
  • EV charging time is expected to decrease over time, down to 8-20 minutes with 120 kw
    in the coming years.
  • Charging and servicing EVs requires an increase in trained technicians, while accounting
    for a generational shift due to the average age of shop owners being over 50.

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