Regional Expansion

Doering Fleet Management, a nation-wide fleet management company, is expanding its geographic reach by establishing additional regional sales offices. The most recent expansion in August 2019 included a Nashville, TN office and an Oklahoma City, OK office. A Central Plains office in Omaha, NE was opened in early 2018.

Doering’s new offices are staffed with industry professionals with years of experience. 

“We’re growing our footprint by hiring seasoned fleet professionals in regions across the country.  We use their industry experience and marry that with our brand, service culture, and client services to develop a client base for the long-term,” said Nan Henrichs, VP of Finance for Doering Fleet Management.

 “We have an amazing team of professionals serving hundreds of organizations around the country.  We love what we do and who we do it for.  Our turnover is nearly zero as we do what we say and always deliver on our promises with consistent staff.  We’re in a great place and well positioned to continue the growth and innovation,” said Adam Berger, President. 

Berger, who has been with Doering for over sixteen years, lead the sales team initiatives driving tremendous growth, geographic coverage, client size, products, and services.  Doering is now a nationwide fleet management company with corporate and non-profit clients, robust service offerings, and a new electric vehicle leasing and fleet management brand - TesLease® by Doering.

“What’s most exciting is this industry is seeing more innovation and revolution than it has ever seen. The proliferation of EV and AV technology, telematics, data-driven decision making, and advanced safety technologies make this industry one of the most desirable which helps organizations like Doering to attract and retain the best and brightest.  We say ‘Expect the Unexpected’ because this industry is evolving rapidly and we’re on the forefront of the change, agile in our stance, and excited for what is to come in the industry,” said Berger.

Oklahoma City, OK

Joe Tribett leads the Oklahoma City, OK office as a Manager – Fleet Services. Joe has over 12 years of experience in the fleet service industry, most recently with Penske.  

Joe has tremendous experience across industries including oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing, environmental, delivery, packaging, construction, and medical. 

Nashville, TN

Camaren Daniel leads the Nashville, TN office. “We wake up every morning trying to help our clients save time, stress, and money through efficient vehicle acquisition, financing, management, and disposition nationwide.” Nashville is a rapidly growing marketplace and city with a strong business community.  Growing businesses need fleet management and Doering Fleet will be nearby to support the needs of the marketplace.  

About Doering Fleet Management

The Doering family began in the automobile business in 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and quickly became one of the largest auto dealers in the region. The third-generation descendant of the family exited the traditional auto industry and launched a regional leasing company in 1989 with just a few goals: pick great clients, provide them with exceptional service, and build a long-term business.

Today, Doering Fleet Management is a national US fleet management company offering a comprehensive suite of fleet services. Doering’s DNA has not changed one bit and the team remains focused on building long-term relationships built on trust, performance, and results.

Doering uses a proprietary fleet management methodology called Fleet Wellness®.  Fleet Wellness is Doering’s unique and holistic way of looking at all aspects of fleet management, including costs, best practices, and administration.  Fleets are tracked with the Fleet Wellness® Index and improved annually toward agreed goals, improving the Fleet Wellness® Index score.