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U.S. Government seeks to electrify the entire 645k federal vehicle fleet

There are over 645,000 vehicles in the U.S. federal fleet, and U.S. Government recently announced that he will devise a plan to replace them with electric vehicles made in the U.S.

This was not unexpected after the President promoted American-made electric vehicles on the campaign trail, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has indicated support for putting “millions” of electric vehicles on U.S. roads. Not all vehicles are likely to be replaced due to specialization or age, but some vehicles such as those used by the U.S. Post Office are likely candidates, and ideal for electric vehicles due to their frequent stopping and starting.

While a specific implementation plan has not been set, industry experts are encouraged by the move.

· U.S. has committed to replacing the entire U.S. fleet of vehicles with electric vehicles

· Industry experts are optimistic to have the weight of the Presidency behind a push for electric vehicles

· The U.S. Postal Service is a likely candidate for vehicle replacement, especially due to the stop and start nature of their vehicles being well-suited for electric vehicles.


· The program will be rolled out responsibly so the government does not replace vehicles unnecessarily or prematurely.

·. The cultural shift this will create in the US is expected to be significant with federal government agencies seeing the future.  State and local governments will likely follow suit, and the. commercial/private fleets will likely see strong surges in demand to green their fleets and follow-suit.

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