Preparing Your Organization for Fleet Electrification

March 22, 2022

In November 2021, a panel of EV experts shared their insights at the 2021 Fleet Forward Conference on how others have made the transition towards electrification.

Each fleet is unique and requires a customized approach. Key takeaway points from the discussion are outlined below:

Detailed plan to support the goal – While setting goals such as 50% electrification by 2030 can inspire and motivate, it is important to lay out the steps to get there and predict what         the  future will look like in 2030. Prepare a roadmap by asking tough questions and practical questions. Is the industry capable of supplying the vehicles, what is the impact on the             environment, how is charging handled, do we need chargers at homes, multiple locations, who gets EVs, who does not get EVs, etc.

Disruptions - Acknowledging and planning for disruptions will be helpful. Disruptions can be expected in operations, risk, and finances.

Executive stakeholder – Identify an executive stakeholder or sponsor who can push the wider sustainability mission. This is crucial to avoiding conflicts over differing agendas and         anxieties.

Power source - The logistics of electrifying a fleet should be approached collectively, with considerations for fuel, utilities, infrastructure, and charging.

Fleet Sizing – Many factors influence what portion of the fleet should be EV. Factors such as operating cycles, range, mileage, and climate are just a few. The number of EV fleet         vehicles determines what charging infrastructure is needed.

Phased Approach – Don’t do everything at once. Phase EV vehicles in over a few years and expose drivers and employees to EVs. Use test pilots, allow users to test drive or take         them on business trips. Give them the experience of driving an EV and experiencing the need to plan for charging vs. stopping at gas stations. Test range and how use impacts         energy consumption. Work out the pain points through pilot programs.

The experts cited a survey that while 86% of fleets are considering electrification only 7% have a fleet wide EV goal and 12% of fleets have started the process of electrifying their fleets.

Begin planning now to build a fleet that includes EVs that fits your specific needs.

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