New Websites

August 28, 2019

Doering Fleet Management recently launched two new websites: a corporate website ( and a Tesla focused website ( The new websites were designed to represent their depth of experience, breadth of knowledge, and commitment to client success and satisfaction.

That’s how we measure our success - client retention, referrals, and feedback.  We take pride in making the complex look easy for our clients and for delivering on our promises each and every time.  It sounds simple but it’s not in this industry.  This company started with a core principal - the best service humanly possible.  Today we hire the best, retain them, and service levels never diminish.  Our company has grown because we retain our clients and they are a big piece of our salesforce through referrals,” said Adam Berger, President.

Corporate Site

Include on the corporate site is a University of Fleet. This section provides insights on the latest news and trends in corporate fleet management. Topics include fleet service, buy vs. lease analysis, cost management, leasing, fleet maintenance, remarketing, safety, and telematics. Also featured are downloadable white papers, infographics, and videos.

Doering recently launched a new electric vehicle leasing and fleet management brand - TesLease® by Doering.

TesLease® by Doering services clients nationwide using EV’s in businesses. Companies use EV’s as executive vehicles or as incentive vehicles helping to attract and retain top talent. Governments use EV’s to reduce maintenance, downtime, and overall operating costs. Livery companies use them to enhance their end user’s riding experience and set them apart from their competition. The TesLease® Carshare Technology Platform is used by residential developers to reduce the number of parking spaces needed in their buildings. Visit to learn more.  

 “What’s most exciting is this industry is seeing more innovation and revolution than it has ever seen. The proliferation of EV and AV technology, telematics, data-driven decision making, and advanced safety technologies make this industry one of the most desirable which helps organizations like Doering to attract and retain the best and brightest.  We say ‘Expect the Unexpected’ because this industry is evolving rapidly and we’re on the forefront of the change, agile in our stance, and excited for what is to come in the industry,” said Berger.

About Doering Fleet Management

The Doering family began in the automobile business in 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and quickly became one of the largest auto dealers in the region. The third-generation descendant of the family exited the traditional auto industry and launched a regional leasing company in 1989 with just a few goals: pick great clients, provide them with exceptional service, and build a long-term business.

Today, Doering Fleet Management is a national US fleet management company offering a comprehensive suite of fleet services. Doering’s DNA has not changed one bit and the team remains focused on building long-term relationships built on trust, performance, and results.

Doering uses a proprietary fleet management methodology called Fleet Wellness®.  Fleet Wellness is Doering’s unique and holistic way of looking at all aspects of fleet management, including costs, best practices, and administration.  Fleets are tracked with the Fleet Wellness® Index and improved annually toward agreed goals, improving the Fleet Wellness® Index score.