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More than GPS: 7 Ways Fleet Intelligence Can Improve Safety, Savings, and Service

January 19, 2022

GPS technology and other telematics provide actionable fleet intelligence technology that delivers real-time insights and help with overall fleet management. Extending fleet life is one such benefit and is achieved by monitoring usage, hours and driving habits which better informs lifecycle management. This also includes monitoring driver safety and identifying risky behaviors through trends reporting as a means to improve accountability.

In the instance of theft, GPS tracking is also useful and can minimize the likelihood of missing or lost assets. And when accidents do occur, these intelligence solutions help fleet managers truly identify the cause, and determine if it was their own operator's fault, or an outside influence. Additionally, real-time location tracking helps managers mitigate weather and operational risks by notifying operators when they are in close proximity to threats, as well as proactively position their assets to respond to disasters or other timely responses.

·     Monitoring and optimizing fleet operations helps save money by improving productivity, and minimizing fleet downtime

·     Telematics can also protect employees and companies against false insurance claims, and/or provide data to exonerate operators in the instance of accidents or mishaps

·     Real-time tracking of vehicles can help managers respond proactively and pre-position the right vehicles in the right location in a timely manner

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