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Large Fleet Buyers Outline Their EV Wishlist for Manufacturers

February 24, 2022

Recently, the quarterly Manheim Used Vehicle Value InThe Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance, which includes members such as Best Buy, Amazon and DHL, recently met with top vehicle manufacturers to outline a roadmap for the types of electric vehicles they plan to acquire over the next five years. The recommendations are based on a survey of Alliance members who plan to procure nearly 330,000 electric vehicles including sedans, SUVs, pickups and box trucks.

The Alliance was formed in 2019 under the vision where electric vehicle models are:

  • available to meet commercial and vocational needs
  • accessible to all companies
  • cost competitive with internal combustion engine vehicles.
  • Key findings of this survey include:

    • Battery Preference – members prefer battery-electric vehicles over plug-in hybrids or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
    • Sedans accounted for more than three-quarters of the planned light-duty procurements
    • Charging location – while most charging would be done at private locations (home or office/fleet depot), the survey noted that on-road charging is a critical element of the commercial transition to EVs.
    • The analysis also included a detailed list of specifications including range, towing capacity and cargo space.

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