Fleet Wellness

Fleet Wellness ® – Start With a Well Defined Strategy

January 9, 2018

Corporate wellness programs aim to improve the health of employees. Fleet Wellness is a similar concept aimed to improve the health of your business fleet. This approach is based on the theory that by measuring and managing certain aspects of a vehicle fleet, vehicle fleet performance improves markedly. It focuses on goal setting while building accountability and specificity into the fleet management process. Fleet Wellness is powering the healthy fleet of tomorrow.

Fleet Wellness measures performance against benchmarks and industry best practices including cost savings, cash flow, operational efficiencies, driver safety, and reliability. It also reduces administration and emergencies while building confidence in the fleet by understanding what is ahead and how your organization will operate differently in the future. Fleet Wellness acknowledges the opportunity cost of time and capital…and generates more of each. The program builds on the holistic fleet management concept that many factors cultivate a great fleet. One or two are important but an optimal fleet addresses all facets.

Fleet Wellness begins with an assessment that establishes a baseline Fleet Wellness Index (“FWI”). The process to improve your FWI begins with a clearly defined fleet strategy that sets the vision and includes key priorities. Goals and action steps are established and tracked. Fleet Wellness drives continuous improvement and monitors progress from today to the future.

What is Your Fleet Strategy?

Your fleet strategy will help you chart a clear course for your overall Fleet Wellness Program. Fleet Strategy is not one size fits all. Fleet strategy is specific to each organization and begins with determining what you want to accomplish over time. Factors that influence your strategy include some of the following:
Why do you have vehicles?

  • Support sales force?
  • Support field staff?
  • Deliver product?

What keeps you up at night?

  • Costs of your fleet getting out of control?
  • Reliability issues impacting your productivity?
  • Is managing risk becoming an issue?

Are you spending too much time managing your fleet?

  • Not sure if you have the right management tools or reliable data?
  • Is your driving policy out of date?
  • Do you spend too much time acquiring and disposing of vehicles?
  • Are you managing multiple vendors for vehicle acquisition and upfitting?
  • Has the growth of your fleet made tracking vehicle history difficult?

  • Do you need to free up capital for new business opportunities?
  • How does your current fleet represent your brand? Positively or negatively?
  • Looking for ways to engage and retain your employees via your fleet program?
  • Are you looking to become more environmentally friendly?
  • Looking to centralize your fleet management?

When developing your fleet strategy, don’t try to do everything at once or nothing will get accomplished. Prioritize by selecting three to five areas of focus. As you develop your strategy it is important to involve others in your organization. Get everyone on the same page with where you are going and how you will get there.

Start with: The goal of our fleet is to

Fleet Wellness depends on a clear strategy that measures key factors, utilizes total cost management to evaluate decisions holistically, utilizes tools and technology, and implements fleet management processes in such a way that creates understanding and buy-in.

To learn more about how you can use the Fleet Wellness program to assess, track, and measure the health of your fleet and your progress toward your strategic goals, download our eBook.