Fleet Management

Fleet Services that Minimize the Administrative Burden of Managing a Fleet

January 16, 2018

Managing a fleet of vehicles internally is time-consuming. As your fleet grows, the administration and management of all the details can be overwhelming. Many fleet managers, controllers, CFO’s, and presidents have discovered fleet services provided by third-party fleet management companies help them focus on the strategic challenges that occur and solve issues that arise. Fleet management companies provide additional insights and expertise that help you overcome challenges. They provide continuity and a broad team of experts that reduces risk of staff being sick, on vacation, or leaving the organization. Fleet managementduties include the following:

  • Vehicle procurement
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance management
  • Telematics/GPS system management
  • Upfitting
  • Vehicle sale/remarketing
  • Safety/accident management
  • Routing
  • Driver management
  • Tax/title and licensing

Fleet management companies have seasoned professionals that work across industries and who study and implement current technologies. They provide fleet management best practices and data to support the recommendations.

Buying and Selling

Fleet management companies can advise on company fleet strategy. They provide the fleet manager or management teams with value, such as how long to keep vehicles, which vehicle options make sense, and how to properly remarket and recondition vehicles to maximize net sales prices.

Instead of getting weighed down by the numerous details that come along with selling, buying, and financing your fleet, fleet management companies perform the buying, selling, and negotiating for every transaction.

One of the fleet services offered by fleet management companies is purchasing through large fleet buying programs with substantial rebates. Large fleet rebates exceed retail and standard fleet rebates. This typically holds true for out-of-stock purchases and factory ordered vehicles. It ensures you get what you need, how you need it, and when you need it, at the lowest cost possible. Acquisition timing is also something to consider. There are advantageous times to buy/lease and lousy times.

With an extensive customer base and management experience, FMCs can generate higher net sales proceeds on used vehicle sales. Instead of organizing a private deal or posting your vehicle for sale online, the FMC will position your vehicle in a highly sellable market and recondition it to have the best opportunity to sell at top dollar. This is simplifies the administrative tasks creating a far less time consuming experience.

Fleet Management Companies can generate higher net sales proceeds on used vehicle sales.

Nationwide Title and Registration

Every state has its own vehicle registration requirements and many require annual renewals. Missing the deadlines for your vehicle registration causes unnecessary fees and administrative headaches. It’s vital to monitor your fleet’s registration details, insurance policies, and vehicle inspection regulations.  

Fleet management companies can help organize these tedious reminders, streamline regulatory compliance, and avoid unnecessary fines and fees. By providing comprehensive reporting options and digital reminders, keeping track of various deadlines is no longer is a stressful task.

Be Proactive

One of the many fleet services offered by the best FMC’s is proactive advice. Whether it’s improving driver safety, reducing maintenance costs, or improving downtime, partnering with a FMC affords you an industry expert and experienced resource to help tackle your business pain points. It doesn’t require a full-time fleet manager necessarily. FMC’s work with hundreds of companies.

For example, you’ve determined distracted driving is a problem in your fleet. Don’t wait until an accident or near-catastrophe to address problematic behaviors with your drivers. Consider adding a hands-free device, telematics, or in-cab camera on vehicles in your fleet. The upfront costs of these tools are drastically lower than the costs of fuel inefficiencies, service delays, citations for cell phone use, and preventable accidents.

Simplify maintenance management by automating your processes and save 20-40% at the same time. Continue to be proactive by creating actionable goals for your drivers and monitor and measure specific data as it impacts your fleet. It’s important to track driver performance and incentivize your team for a job well done. Reward on-time maintenance, safe driving, and vehicle condition. How can you do this? By taking the metrics available to you to monitor progress, both in driver and fleet performance and measuring them over time. Quarterly is a great benchmarking period.

Considerations for Hiring Third Party Fleet Management

You may think only companies with large fleets can benefit from hiring a fleet management company. The truth is, many small fleets choose to outsource their duties to FMC’s. While it is also true that the number of companies using FMC’s increases dramatically as company and fleet size increase, fleet services have proven beneficial to a range of businesses large and small. Everyone needs and deserves FMC experts.

Everyone needs and deserves FMC experts. Everyone needs a team with your best interests at heart and bottom line in mind.

Fleet management companies can help you navigate fleet services such as:

  • Transportation and relocation
  • Fleet analysis
  • Fleet rebalancing and more

A fleet management company can help you benchmark the performance of your fleet. From the moment you purchase a vehicle to its later disposition, FMC’s have proven strategies to help preserve the value of your fleet, and maximize resale profits.

Fleet management companies are positioned to help you make better, more informed choices about your fleet. While feedback from your drivers and internal staff is valuable, the expert guidance from an FMC can drive significant savings, improve risk management, and alleviate administrative burdens.

Doering Fleet Management can turn the overwhelming aspects of running a fleet into an organized process. Whether you’re searching for comprehensive fleet management, maintenance management, or a combination of both services, Doering Fleet Management can meet your needs, exceed your expectations,and offer affordable solutions for fleets of all sizes across the United States as well as Canadian Provinces.