Doering Fleet Management Announces Team Expansion and New Services in 2021

The year 2020 is finally behind us! While the past twelve months have presented challenges, Doering took this opportunity to listen to our customers and understand their changing needs. As a result, we invested in new resources and products to better serve our growing list of clients. We’ve added five fleet management professionals in late 2020 and continue to grow our support team. We are positioned better than ever to support our clients for 2021 and beyond.

Here are the exciting new announcements coming from Doering in 2021!

DREAMLEASE- Our New Exotic Vehicles Offering

DreamLease is our new product line that focuses on exotic and collectible vehicles, new and used, leased to individual and corporate clients with strong credit and financial wherewithal. We take the stress and frustration out of the process. DreamLease team members handle ordering, procurement, payment, financing, documentation, registration, and trade-in with ease.

Getting an exotic car is exciting. DreamLease exists to make the complex look simple and KEEP the process exciting...and enjoyable. 

To learn more about this service visit our website

New/Expanded Services in 2021

Doering fleet services now includes toll management, DOT/IFTA Compliance, telematics, dash cams, equipment tracking and MORE. 

Welcoming New Faces to the Doering Sales Team

We are excited to expand our sales team in offices across the country.

NEW Florida Office

We added two fleet industry veterans to our new Florida office that have a combined experience of over 60 years. Meet Bob and Joanne.

Bob Crowe 

Bob has more than 30 years of automotive industry experience, including 24 years spent with government leasing at Acme Auto Leasing and The Bancorp Bank and is a graduate of the National Vehicle Leasing Association's Certified Vehicle Lease Executive (CVLE) program.Throughout his career, Bob has worked to supply and support numerous lease vehicles for government agencies like the U.S. Postal Service, including a 3,000-vehicle fleet for a single federal agency.

Joanne Cornier  

Joanne has more than 32 years of government fleet experience, most recently serving as vice president of government leasing at Acme Auto Leasing. Prior to this, she served as assistant vice president at The Bancorp Bank, where she mentored a team of government sales reps and built a portfolio of more than $72 million in assets at The Bancorp Bank. Joanne has served all sizes of government agencies.

Milwaukee Office 

Scott Mullins

Scott comes to Doering with significant sales experience and sales management experience. His passion for helping companies, executives, and for vehicles is rooted in his family history and his identity. Scott is an avid cyclist and competitor.

Wyatt Dittburner, J.D.

Wyatt comes to Doering with a strong sense of right and wrong paired with an earnest passion for helping people. He's practiced law for seven+ years and brings his enthusiasm for helping clients together with his experience navigating complex situations. Best of all, we can still call him counselor because he plans to provide plenty of counsel and support for clients (non-legal).

Nashville Office 

John Harvey

John comes to Doering with a 16+ year history in delivering impeccable support to hundreds of company executives in his prior career. He brings an attitude of excellence and strong values that align perfectly with Doering's.

The Future

Looking to the future, Doering continues to raise the bar in the fleet industry with a constant emphasis on expanding service offerings and hiring the absolute best employees to serve our clients and focusing on the future of transportation with emphasis on EV's and AV's.

"I'm proud to say we are a 31 year old company. I'm prouder to tell you we're not resting and are working to improve and expand who we are geographically and the services we offer our clients. We are positioned better than ever to serve current clients and provide services to more fleets as we enter 2021. Our company grows first because of our great people and secondly because we do what we say and deliver even more...and that translates to referrals from our current clients. Thank you so much for your trust," 
 - Adam Berger, President, Doering FleetManagement.