Doering Fleet Management and eIQ Mobility partner to simplify the deployment of Electric Vehicles for clients with light and medium duty applications.

March 4, 2020

Press release originally posted by eiqmobility.

Milwaukee WI, Oakland CA - 26 February 2020. Doering Fleet Management and eIQ Mobility are partnering to provide fleets with seamless EV deployments. eIQ Mobility provides fleets with highly accurate EV Feasibility and Sustainability Assessments using EValuate ™, their online decision platform. Clients receive detailed analytics on which EVs are the best fit for their applications. EValuate defines which locations to prioritize for practical EV deployment, specifies the charging infrastructure, and details anticipated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Carbon emissions implications.

With these EV assessments completed, clients can work with Doering Fleet Management to source and finance EVs and associated charging infrastructure, manage the EV fleet through their lifecycle, and remarket their EVs at the end of term, using Doering Fleet Management’s leading EV management technology and EV expert consultants.

Adam Berger, President of Doering said “We are thrilled you partner with eIQ Mobility to accelerate the deployment of EV fleets. The two major hurdles we see today are data analysis to aid EV decision making, and infrastructure support. eIQ Mobility fills that gap artfully with data-driven recommendations about EV feasibility and product match. It’s smart and that is the essence of the future of fleets. eIQ Mobility is a great match for Doering’s deep expertise in financing and managing EV fleets”

“Our fleet clients range from Fortune 500 corporations with tens of thousands of vehicles to dynamic regional companies with a few hundred units. They are looking for data-driven EV Feasibility assessments. eIQ Mobility accelerates the decisions for our clients on EV model choice, optimal locations, carbon reduction, and EV charging needs,” said Sila Kiliccote, CEO of eIQ Mobility. “That acceleration requires a leasing partner that can keep pace with the opportunity to electrify over 30 Million fleet vehicles in the US. We are excited to have Doering by our side for this.”


Doering Fleet Management is an independent fleet management company known for working with fleets to build a better future with data-driven Fleet Wellness(R), Doering’s proprietary methodology for assessing, improving, and implementing best practices and improving corporate fleets’ futures. Doering launched TesLease to focus on fleet EV/AV deployments. Doering has quickly become one of the largest owners of EVs in the US and a strategic partner to EV and AV OEMs. Doering has an extensive thought leadership library on its blog as well as YouTube page because the essence of a Doering is education, knowledge, and helping companies realize what’s best and then achieve it. Doering’s team is comprised of consultants who understand business, fleet best practices, EVs, finance, technology, and time management. It’s clear that companies must focus on strategy, sales, growth, efficiencies, acquisition, and delivering service. Fleet is never the top priority so Doering’s fleet consultants provide proactive advice, data-driven analytics, and a robust platform of partners and services to achieve stated goals and more. This is the essence of Fleet WellnessⓇ by Doering. For more information visit and


eIQ Mobility, headquartered in Silicon Valley, built a trusted platform that drives vehicle fleets into a smart, electric, and cost-effective future. The company's goal is to completely de-risk fleet migration from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. Zero-Emissions Mobility. Zero-Risk. The eIQ Mobility team of highly skilled data scientists, developers, and experts in energy optimization, utilities and EVs works with Fortune 1000 and public clients, and has completed EV feasibility assessments for 45,000+ vehicles, 2.5+ million trips and over 300 million miles driven. Customers include package delivery, cable, technology, food, beverage, retail, distribution, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and several utilities. For more information, please visit