Doerings' COVID-19 Message

April 27, 2020

We are all finding ways to adjust and move forward. Now more than ever, our customers are relying on us for stability and support and our team is working hard to find new ways to serve them.

The Doering Team

Times are changing, and the Doering team is finding new ways to collaborate. Some are working from home, and like so many people around the country, are meeting through video conferencing and phone calls.

This is one of the moments in time we can show our culture and the excellent team through finding creative ways to provide that one-on-one attention that our customers have come to depend on.  With so much in flux, we want to be the steady handrail our clients rely on and trust.

Our Customers

Our number one priority has always been serving our customers. Now, in the wake of COVID-19 we are finding new ways to help them keep their business moving forward and ensuring their team is able to work and feel secure. We’re helping our customers adjust to this changing business climate by helping them to refinance existing vehicles, de-fleet, (disposing of unneeded vehicles), and guiding them toward used vehicles for fleet replacements as prices are down. We are finding creative solutions to solve the problems faced by companies significantly impacted by COVID-19.

We believe we are a partner to our clients.  We’ve used that terminology.  We believed it in our hearts.  Today you get to see it demonstrably in our actions, conversations, and communications.  We are your partner.  We can listen.  We can help.  We want to.  We want you free to focus on the hard discussions/decisions/situations and focus on doing everything you can in this time to plan for the prosperous times to come.

From everyone on the Doering team, we wish you all the best in health, business, and family.  

Thank you,

Adam Berger | President